What Is the Way to Put Curlers in Men’s Hair?

To put curlers in men’s hair, use curlers with a small circumference, wrap sections of hair tightly around the curler and secure near the scalp. Use hair wax, styling mousse or styling gel to help hold the curls in place.

While curlers are normally considered to be part of a woman’s beauty regimen, men can use them as well. Curlers add body and shape to any head of hair.

Step 1: Choose the correct curler size

Choose curlers based on the length and type of hair. For example, use curlers with a small circumference on short hair. If hair is naturally smooth, Velcro rollers work well. Keep in mind, however, that the smaller the curler, the tighter the curl.

Step 2: Prepare the hair

Wash and towel dry hair and distribute styling mousse throughout the hair. If rolling the hair while it is dry, spray with hairspray to help ensure the curls hold. Separate the hair into sections with bobby pins or clips.

Step 3: Roll the hair

Starting at the end of the hair, roll hair tightly around the curler in towards the scalp. Secure the curler next to the scalp. Continue in this manner until all sections are finished. Use a hair dryer to warm the hair which sets the curls. Allow hair to cool, gently remove the curlers and style.