What Is the Way to Play Pictionary Junior?

To play Pictionary Junior, a player chooses a card and draws a picture of the word on the card for his team to guess. The first team to land on the “Finish” square on the game board is the winner.

Pictionary Junior is a spinoff of the popular adult Pictionary game. The rules are similar, but the playing cards for Pictionary Junior have words and clues that are more suitable for younger players.

  • Lay the game board on a table and set the timer in the middle of the board. Place the clue cards face down in the center of the game board and divide the players into two teams.
  • Give each team a playing piece, paper and pencil. Each team selects which member will be drawing first. One member from each team rolls the die and the team with the highest roll goes first.
  • If the playing piece lands on an “All Play” square on the board, one person from each team draws the clue at the same time. The first team to correctly guess the picture gets to roll the die and move that number of spaces.
  • If the square states “One Team Play” then only that team draws and guesses. If they guess before the timer runs out, they roll the die again.
  • The first team to make it to the “Finish” square and correctly guess the last picture wins the game.