Is There a Way to Make Homemade Raccoon Poison?

Sean Russell/Getty Images

Homemade raccoon poison is frequently made by mixing toxic fly bait with Coca Cola to disguise the taste; however, killing raccoons in this manner is strongly advised against as it presents a danger to other animals. Homemade raccoon poison has been known to kill cats and dogs.

The most commonly cited homemade recipe for raccoon poison involves mixing an insecticide such as methomyl with Coca Cola. The soda makes the lethal mixture attractive to animals while the insecticide poisons the animal following ingestion. Although such a poison is effective in killing raccoons, it can also kill any other living thing that runs across it, including family pets. Also, any animal that eats a raccoon killed in such a manner is also be poisoned. For these reasons, animal control experts strongly advise against using poison to kill raccoons.