What Is the Best Way to Kill a Rat?

Alexander W Helin/Moment/Getty Images

Snap traps are effective tools for killing rats in the home. If the rat is inside the home, it is also necessary to close any entrances to prevent additional rats from entering.

Snap traps should be placed in areas where the pests are frequently noticed, as well as in crawl spaces and other areas where rats may gain entrance to the home. Remove any food sources, such as pet food, that may attract rats; this encourages the rats to eat the bait. Bait the traps with nuts, fruit or cheese, and check the traps daily. Remove any rodents that are caught as soon as possible, and reset the trap. Rats that are in areas where pets or children are present can be trapped using a locking spring station. The locking spring station features an internal snapping mechanism that kills rats humanely, but the snapping mechanism is inaccessible to pets and children.

Rats typically live in large groups and may be present even if they are not readily visible. Closing up entrances to the home helps to eliminate rodent infestations. Identify the area where rats are coming into the home, and place traps around the area to ensure pests stop entering. Locate any openings, such as cracks or crevices, and make the needed repairs to eliminate the infestation.