What Is the Way to Increase Water Level in a Toilet Bowl?

Increase the water level in your toilet bowl by adjusting the height of the float. A higher float retains more water in the tank and allows the toilet to fill higher. This is a quick repair that takes only a couple of minutes and requires a standard screwdriver.

  1. Remove the lid from the toilet tank

    Take the lid off from the tank at the back of your toilet. Set the lid in a safe place so that it will not get broken.

  2. Flush the toilet

    Flushing the toilet gives you a couple of minutes to make the adjustment in a water-free environment. If you don’t finish and the tank fills too high, simply flush it again.

  3. Determine which type of flushing mechanism you have

    If you see a pole-type apparatus with a bar attaching it somewhat horizontally to a floating ball, you have a float rod and ball assembly. If see a pole with a wide plastic cylinder that moves up and down around the pole, you have a floating cup assembly.

  4. Adjust the float height

    For a float rod-and-ball assembly, turn the screw, found at the pole end of the rod that connects to the ball, counterclockwise one half turn. For a floating cup assembly, locate the clip that connects the cup to the narrow vertical rod that runs parallel to the pole. Pinch the clip on both ends and raise it one-half inch.

  5. Check the water level and adjust as necessary

    Flush the toilet, and check to see if the water level in the bowl is correct. If necessary, fine tune until reaching the desired level.