What Is the Way to Identify a Real Brighton Purse?

A real Brighton purse or handbag comes with a unique alphanumeric registration number printed on a leather patch that is stitched to the inside of the purse. Owners of Brighton bags can call or visit Brighton dealers to verify the authenticity of the registration number.

In addition to the registration number, most Brighton bags ship with heart-shaped fobs that dangle from the handles. The majority of models also ship with registration cards, that are separate from the stitched registration panel, and Brighton dust bags to protect the leather or other purse material. A new bag also features a sales tag.

Approximately 7 percent of worldwide trade involves counterfeit products. Product knowledge helps eliminate the potential for fraud. For example, some Brighton handbags are hand stitched, rather than machine stitched, so if a bag features stitching that is too uniform, it is probably a fake.

Customers should familiarize themselves with other details about the Brighton purses in which they are interested. Faux leather on a bag that is supposed to be made of genuine leather is a common red flag for fraud. Additionally, consumers should test all the zippers and clasps on the bag to make sure they function smoothly. If any accessories are missing, such as tassels or charms, this also indicates the bag might be a fake.