What Is the Way to Fix a Soup in Which You Have Put Too Much Onion?

To fix a soup in which too much of one ingredient was added, such as onion, try to remove the excess, add more broth and increase the rest of the ingredients. Fixing a soup with too much onion takes roughly 10 minutes plus cooking time and requires a slotted spoon, broth, boiled potatoes and the other soup ingredients.

  1. Fish out some onions

    While the essence from the onion has already flavored the broth, removing some of the extra onion decreases the flavor. Using a slotted spoon, fish out some of the excess onion.

  2. Add extra broth

    The only way to fix a soup with too much of one ingredient is to increase all the other ingredients, thereby making more. If the soup is meant to be watery, simply add extra broth into the mix. If the soup is supposed to be creamy, make a thin paste with the broth and cornstarch. Stir vigorously while adding it to the soup.

  3. Try potatoes

    Potatoes have a bland flavor. Boil or cook a potato in the microwave. Cube it, and add it to the soup. This cuts some of the onion flavor.

  4. Add more of the other ingredients

    Add more of all the soup ingredients, except onions. If the soup was nearly cooked, boil the vegetables ahead of time so that the ones already in the soup don’t become over-cooked.