What Is the Way to Erase Crayon From Paper?

Wendi Andrews/Moment/Getty Images

A kneaded eraser or using an iron to help melt the wax are both helpful ways to remove crayon from paper. An eraser should not be used on paper that is thin or fragile.

If the paper is fairly thick and sturdy, using a kneaded eraser is the best way to try to remove crayon marks. This type of eraser is also known as putty rubber and is a common art supply. The user should first warm up the eraser in his or her hands until it is pliable. Then use a small, circular motion against the crayon mark to gently remove it. As the eraser becomes discolored, simply stretch the material to use a clean section on the marks.

For heavy crayon marks, or those that are on delicate paper, the use of an iron is helpful. Set the iron on its lowest heat setting. Fold up a few paper towels and place them against the crayon marks. Place the iron against the paper towels and press gently for a few seconds. The crayon wax will soak into the paper towels. Lift them to check the progress. If necessary, repeat with a clean section of paper towels until the crayon stain is gone. This solution is also helpful if crayon marks are on other surfaces, such as carpet or blackboards.