What Is the Way to Contact the Manufacturer of St. John’s Bay Clothing?

As of October of 2014, you can contact the manufacturer of St. John’s Bay clothing by calling (800) 322-1189. St. John’s Bay is one of JCPenney’s clothing lines, and that is their customer service number.

The St. John’s Bay line of women’s clothing under the JCPenney umbrella and was discontinued by Ron Johnson, former CEO of JCPenney. Due to public outcry, however, the clothing line was reinstated in 2013. In general, reviews of the clothing are positive. However, there are occasional complaints regarding the quality of certain items.

Instead of contacting the manufacturer directly about these issues, another option is to return the clothing item to the store in person. The consumer can visit the customer service desk, explain the issue, and the salesperson will attempt to rectify the situation. If the item was purchased online and the buyer is unhappy with his or her purchase, simply return the item by mail with an explanation.

JCPenney prides itself on high-quality customer service and will work with their consumers to find an acceptable solution. A simple phone call to their customer service line is the best way to get the process started. Alternately, you can always email the company directly with any concerns or compliments through their online secure feedback page.