What Is the Way to Change a Fossil Watch Battery?


To replace the battery on your Fossil watch, first remove one of the link pins to open the links, and then remove the back plate along with the plastic seal underneath it. Replace the old battery with a new one, and reassemble the watch.

  1. Open the links

    The first step in replacing your Fossil watch battery with a metal wristband is to open the links by removing one of the link pins; this makes it easier to access the back of the watch. You can accomplish this by using a pin remover tool and gently pushing out a pin from a link. Keep the loose pin somewhere safe.

  2. Remove the back plate and seal

    Next you need to remove the back plate of the watch. The technique varies depending on the watch; some require you to remove screws with a watch wrench, while others simply click out of place with the use of a flat, thin object. Some watches have seals as well. Be sure to lift the plastic seal out along with the back plate.

  3. Replace the battery and reassemble

    Finally, simply replace the old battery with a new one. You may need to lift the battery out with a pointed object. Ensure that the new battery is placed in correctly facing upward, and reassemble the watch.