What Does Wavy Vision in the Corner of the Eye Indicate?

Randen Pederson/CC-BY 2.0

Vision distortion, such as the distortion of shapes in which straight lines appear wavy, may indicate a condition affecting the eye, head or another part of the body, according to Healthgrades. Other possible causes include an infection, inflammation, trauma and injury.

Vision distortion refers to any form of impairment of a person’s vision, and it may occur only in a single eye or in both eyes, explains Healthgrades. It may affect an individual’s entire eyesight or only a portion of the individual’s vision, and it can occur temporarily, intermittently or permanently. Besides shape distortion, vision distortion may manifest as blindness, blind spots, blurry vision, double vision or light flashes.

Refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness usually cause vision distortion, according to Healthgrades. Some people have congenital refractive errors, whereas others develop the eye condition as they age.

Some forms of vision distortion signal the presence of a severe condition that can result in complete loss of sight, requiring prompt medical care, as Healthgrades explains. Eye injury, retinal detachment and glaucoma are several eye conditions that lead to distorted vision. Serious conditions that arise in areas outside of the eyes include stroke, brain hemorrhage, epilepsy and severe head injury. Anyone who recently suffered a head injury or experiences serious symptoms such as vision change and intense headache should contact a health care provider immediately to avoid complications.