How Is Wave Nouveau Hair Best Cared for and Maintained?

Wave Nouveau is a stylish and fashionable hairstyle that must be carefully maintained like any other permed hairstyle. It is best cared for by maintaining good hair discipline, this includes washing it correctly and regularly, using a suitable moisturizing conditioner, combing properly, and using a sleep cap to prevent damage while sleeping.

The best ways to maintain Wave Noveau hair include:

  • Make use of a quality shampoo that contains proteins that strengthen keratin in the hair.
  • Wash hair twice before adding a suitable conditioner.
  • Use specialty shampoos and deep conditioners created for individuals that chemically treat their hair. Also, remember that conditioner should be left in the hair for at least 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
  • After washing and conditioning, use a firm comb to carefully separate and define the curls properly. This may be time consuming, but it is an essential part of maintaining bouncy, healthy curls.
  • Apply a curl defining product suitable for the hair in question, there are many suitable products available for a range of different hair types, including very fine and very coarse hair.

Finally, remember to always don a soft hair net or cap before retiring to bed for the evening, as this prevents unnecessary breakage during sleep.