How Do You Get The Washington Post to Temporarily Hold Your Newspaper Delivery?

To temporarily stop home delivery of The Washington Post, sign in to your Washington Post account online, select My Home Delivery, then select Vacation Stops. Follow the prompts in order to set up your temporary hold. Subscribers can also call the Washington Post’s customer service line at 202-334-6100 and speak with a representative to manage subscription deliveries.

Placing a temporary hold on a home delivery subscription to the Washington Post means that your subscription will not be credited or extended. You will still have full digital access to all Washington Post content on their website and app.

Note that placing a temporary stop on home delivery means that you will not receive any issues published during the time your subscription is on hold. If you wish to temporarily suspend home delivery while still eventually receiving the issues for that time period, use the United States Postal Service’s Hold Mail Service to have all mail securely held at the local post office for any amount of time between three and 30 consecutive days. You can arrange for your mail to be held on the USPS website, by calling your local USPS branch, or in person at the post office.