What Washer and Dryer Models Are Compatible With Stacking Kits?

Whirlpool Duet, various LG 27-inch washers and dryers, all LG 29-inch washers and dryers, any Samsung 27-inch front-load washers and dryers and selected Frigidaire washers and dryers are compatible with stacking kits. As of 2015, prices of stacking kits range from approximately $15 to $185.

Manufacturers design stacking kits for specific front-loading washers and dryers, usually intended for stacking a dryer on top of a washer. Stacking kits are not interchangeable by manufacturer nor by size within the same brand. A customer must purchase the compatible stacking kit made by the same company that manufactured the washer and dryer. Frigidaire manufactures a stacking kit that is compatible with most of its front-loading washers and dryers.

As of 2015, there are no generic stacking kits for washers and dryers available. Different stores may appear to sell different stacking kits for the same manufacturer. For example, Best Buy and Abt Electronics sell a Frigidaire stacking kit under different product names, but the kit on both company’s websites bears an identical UPC and is the same product.

Some stacking kits merely elevate a washer and dryer, raising both units by several inches and freeing up floor space. Other stacking kits are essentially a sturdy drawer or storage unit designed to elevate a washer and dryer while offering more places to stow laundry supplies and sundry household cleaning items.