How Do You Wash Velour?

eMerzh/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Velour is a soft fabric that requires careful washing in order to maintain its soft feel. Do not wash velour clothing with other garments, as things may hang in the loops of the velour.

  1. Prepare the velour garment for washing

    Separate the velour garment from the rest of the laundry. A velour garment tends to bleed, so do not wash two velour items of different colors together for the first few washes. Remove any belts or other loose items, and place them in a nylon bag for washing. These items may twist around in the wash and make the washer less efficient.

  2. Wash on the cold, gentle cycle

    Wash velour in cold water on the gentle cycle. Loosely load the washer. Add ? cup of detergent; velour does not require much to clean. Adding too much detergent can make the fabric stiff.

  3. Tumble dry

    Once the wash cycle is complete, remove the velour garment and shake it out. This ensures that the fabric dries faster and lays correctly. Place the garment in the dryer on tumble dry. Avoid the use of heat. Heat may damage the fabric, possibly even burning the material. Remove the garment from the dryer when it is dry, and fold or hang it.