How Do You Wash a Body Pillow?

Ryan Lane/E+/Getty Images

Washing a body pillow is a simple process that can take a variable amount of time depending on the size of the pillow and how long it takes to dry. In order to wash a body pillow, you will need access to a washing machine and a dryer.

  1. Examine the pillow’s care information tag

    Read the tag on the body pillow before you begin the process of cleaning it. Most pillows have a set of recommendations to use when washing. In order to avoid damaging the fabric of the pillow, take care to keep the heat and spin settings on your washing machine at the levels specified on the tag. Also take note of whether or not it is safe to machine dry your body pillow.

  2. Run the pillow through a wash cycle

    Adjust your washing machine settings so they comply with the information outlined on the care tag. Place the body pillow in the machine. Because these pillows are large, make sure you are not cramming the pillow into the machine too tightly. Turn the machine on and allow it to run through a regular wash cycle.

  3. Dry the body pillow

    If your pillow is unable to be safely dried in a machine, leave the pillow out to dry on its own. Otherwise, place it in your dryer with the specified settings and allow the machine to run uninterrupted through a single drying session.