What Are the Warning Symbols on a BMW X3?

Warning symbols on the dashboard of a BMW X3 can indicate problems with the air bag, engine or active braking system. Some issues may cause a BMW warning symbol to be displayed consistently on the dashboard, necessitating a reset. Typically, a warning light indicates that a problem is present in the car and may require a closer look.

When the air bag warning light of a BMW X3 pops up, it indicates a possible issue with the air bag module. Such an issue could simply be a loose connection or could necessitate a change of the whole air bag. Another warning light on the X3 dashboard is the EML, or engine management light. This warning symbol lights up if any errors are occurring in the engine’s electronics module.

Different versions of the BMW X3 may have a slightly different ABS symbol on the dashboard. Both types indicate a problem with the ABS sensor itself that can occur due to dirt accumulated while on the road. ABS sensors can be cleaned, but a full replacement is typically necessary soon after any cleaning is done. Other, more serious warning signals include the service engine soon warning light and the oil warning light.