What Are Some Warning Signs of Cancer?

David Mack/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

According to the American Cancer Society, generalized signs and symptoms of cancer include unexplained weight loss, fever, fatigue, unexplained pain, skin changes, changes in bowel or bladder functions, wounds that do not heal, unusual bleeding and white patches inside the mouth. All of these signs and symptoms can point to a diagnosis of cancer if they are experienced for prolonged periods of time.

Cancer is a disease that can cause virtually any type of sign or symptom in the human body, explains the American Cancer Society. The signs and symptoms of cancer depend on the area affected, the size of the cancer and how much it affects the surrounding organs and tissues. If the cancer has spread, it can affect many different parts of the body.

Cancer usually shows up in the form of a tumor or many tumors. As the tumors grow, they can push on nearby organs, blood vessels or nerves. This can cause pain and pressure and affect the overall function of the organ it is near. The most common signs and symptoms of cancer include fatigue, weight loss and fever, reports the American Cancer Society. This is because cancers take over the body’s energy reserves to grow and develop. As they grow, the body becomes weaker and less able to function properly.