What Are the Warning Signs Before a Seizure?

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Potential warning signs of a seizure include confusion, feeling spacey, falling, jerking movements and memory lapses, explains the Epilepsy Foundation. A person about to have a seizure may also experience daydreaming episodes, unusual tastes or smells, headaches, loss of bodily functions, or sensations of tingling or numbness. People who have seizures sometimes report having indescribable or very unusual feelings, such as feelings that their bodies look strange or that they are having out-of-body experiences.

Some patients are able to identify triggers for their seizures, notes the Epilepsy Foundation. Being aware of these triggers makes it easier for both the patients and those close to them to recognize when a seizure may be about to strike. Some common triggers include flashing lights, a particular time of day, low blood sugar, fevers and sleep deprivation. Women are sometimes more prone to seizures during a particular part of their menstrual cycles.

Some patients have reflex seizures, in which a specific trigger always causes a seizure, describes the Epilepsy Foundation. Others notice that certain triggers make their seizures more likely or only affect them during high-risk times, such as when they are sick or under a great deal of stress. When patients notice they are having warning symptoms of a seizure, they should inform others of what is happening and go to a safe place, if possible.