What Is a Warm Morning Wood Stove?

Warm Morning is a brand name of a series of stoves originally made by the Locke Stove Company. The Model 782 stoves were capable of burning both wood and coal.

As of 2014, the Locke Stove Company has been out of business for decades, and very little information is available about the company on the Internet. A scan of an old newspaper advertisement for the Model 782 stove reveals that a changing the grate settings was necessary for the stove to burn wood and coal. The stove came in a charcoal finish and had a combustion chamber with V-shaped grates and precision-sized grate openings to keep unburned coal from dropping into the ash pan.

The Locke Stove Company was based in Kansas City and sold the stoves nationwide through local dealers. In 1990, the rights to the Warm Morning name were acquired by Martin Industries, and this company continued to manufacture the stove and parts for some time and made a propane-burning model available. Martin Industries went bankrupt in 2002, and there has been no production of Warm Morning stoves or its parts since. Some retailers on the Internet have certain Warm Morning models and parts in stock as of 2014.