How Do You Ward Off Evil Spirits?

Renee Keith/Vetta/Getty Images

Turmeric is the most direct way of warding off evil spirits. According to Astronlogia, turmeric is a natural substance of the Earth that forms a bio-magnetic shield around a person when consumed. It can be rubbed on the body, but its power increases exponentially when taken orally. If a person is affected by evil, drinking sugarless milk with turmeric in the morning immediately gets rid of bad forces.

In order to ward off any evil from the home, a tulsi (basil) plant is considered a Hindu element from the goddess Lakshmi. Bold Sky notes that keeping a tulsi plant invokes the goddess, protecting a person’s humble abode from malevolent spirits. Hanging a swastika in a house also works. Even though the swastika has been hijacked by the Nazis, this symbol is actually one of the 108 representations of Vishnu. Many Indian homes have swastikas for the purpose of keeping evil at bay.

For those not comfortable with swastikas, hanging an Om symbol is just as effective. The Om is a Sanskrit alphabet letter that represents the destruction of evil. It can be hung on a door, or in the home to maintain a positive aura. Other simple things can be done like lighting a lamp at the beginning and end of the day.

A small lamp, or any form of light, casts away any darkness that may dwell in a home. Burning incense not only promotes positive energy, but it also helps in lifting any prayers to God. Sprinkling a little water around the front door during the morning and evening also helps in cleansing any unwanted spirits.