How Do You Walk and Exercise After Cataract Surgery?

Patients should walk carefully immediately after cataract surgery, being wary not to bump into doors, as advised by All About Vision. Patients may resume all exercise except for water sports and heavy lifting approximately one week after surgery, according to the Weston Eye Center.

Vision in the affected eye may be cloudy, distorted or blurry immediately following cataract surgery as it takes the body some time to adapt to the intraocular lens, states All About Vision. Patients may experience wavy vision, but this generally goes away after an hour or so. Patients should not drive on the day of the surgery, and they should avoid bending over, sneezing and vomiting immediately after the surgery to avoid putting pressure on the eye. Within a few hours after surgery, patients should be able to shower, bathe, watch TV and complete light computer work.

Although patients should rest and avoid activities such as reading on the day of the procedure, they may resume most daily activities the following day, as confirmed by the Weston Eye Center. Patients should continue wearing a protective eye shield during sleep to avoid accidentally rubbing or bumping the eye. Individuals should avoid swimming pools and hot tubs for approximately one week. During the initial healing period, patients may experience symptoms such as discharge, redness, scratchiness or vision disruptions such as specks and floaters. These should disappear as the eye heals.