What Is “voluntary Sector” in Sports?

The voluntary sector includes any organization or business that is a nonprofit, which means it is neither public (owned by the government) nor private (owned by a business person to make a profit). The voluntary sector in sports refers to a non-profit business that involves sports, often an organization or charity that helps children or the under-privileged to get involved with athletics. Often, these organizations are volunteer based.

The third sector pushes towards health and wellness and builds programs that bring communities together. These programs often work towards social inclusion for those who can either not afford it on their own or have some barrier in their way, such as a disability. In the UK, there are government agencies, such as Sport England, whose purpose is to assist and promote voluntary sectors in sports. These organizations work with setting national goals, funding and group organization.

In the UK, there has been a large movement towards the voluntary sector, also referred to as the third sector, in sports due to economics. Nonprofit and volunteer organizations partake in fundraising and charity drives and are often eligible for certain special funds and networking opportunities. Because much of the workforce behind nonprofits is made up of volunteers, these organizations are beneficial to local communities and economies.