Are Viwinco Windows Reviews Generally Positive?

Consumer reviews of Viwinco, a company that makes vinyl replacement windows, are generally negative. Even those who have been happy with their windows say so with the caveat that Viwinco is a cheap option best for a rental rather than a long-term home.

Viwinco is consistently described in reviews as a lower-end window. While many consumers say it is adequate for a cheap repair job, especially on a temporary home, others have reported far more negative experiences with Viwinco’s products and customer service. Two of the four Google reviews of Viwinco reported the company refusing to cover damage according to the warranty. Another consumer reported that poor installation of Viwinco windows led to ice forming on the inside of the sill. When reported, Viwinco claimed it was due to humidity in the home and was not covered under warranty.

A few consumer reviews have expressed high satisfaction with their Viwinco window replacements, but they are few and far between. The majority of reviews report negative or underwhelming experiences. Viwinco is often the go-to brand for homeowners and contractors because of their cheap prices, but the consensus of customer reviews is that the low price corresponds to low quality.