What Does the Violet Flower Symbolize?

Violet flowers symbolize delicate love, affection, modesty, faith, nobility, intuition and dignity. The meaning of the violet changes depending on the color of the flower and the person the flower is sent to. Blue violet flowers symbolizes love and faithfulness, white violets represent purity and chastity, and yellow violets symbolize high worth and goodness.

The language of flowers has captivated people for thousands of years, and violet flowers have carried a number of different meanings of romantic and spiritual significance. Giving a violet to a lover is a reflection of modest love and appreciation, and to send a violet to a friend shows love and admiration. Violet flowers are often sent to commemorate a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. Violets are connected to Christianity as well, and they are regarded as a symbol for Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The flower is also associated with death and the resurrection of life.

The violet is the official flower for the month of February, and it is the traditional flower for Greece. If you dream of a violet flower, it is considered a sign of good fortune and advancement. Surrounding yourself with violet flowers while meditating is believed to raise intuition and invoke higher spirituality.