What Is a Vintage Turner Wall Accessory Print Worth?

vintage-turner-wall-accessory-print-worth Credit: benchilada/CC-BY-2.0

As of 2014, vintage Turner wall accessory prints commonly sell online at prices that range from $10 to around $100. There is no official pricing guide for Turner wall prints, meaning that each piece fetches whatever a buyer is willing to pay. Because the company produced massive amounts of art intended for the general public, its value remains relatively modest.

The Turner Manufacturing Company was based in Chicago, and in the span of over 30 years it has produced thousands of decorative fine art works. While the company went out of business in the 1970s, its vast collection of quality art prints continue to be purchased by people who enjoy classic artwork. The company secured copyrights to reproduce the art of some prominent artists. Unknown artists worked for the company under contract to produce original artwork. Many Turner art pieces feature high-quality portraits of female figures from various eras. There are charming scenic prints of cities and isolated nature spots. Some feature bouquets of flowers.

Another unique quality of Turner wall art accessories is that they represent diverse styles of decorative art. A reproduction may be in the style of old European masters. Another set depicts colorful paint on wood plaques. There are beautiful glass etchings, 3D renderings and intriguing mirrors.