Where Do You Find the VIN on a John Deere Tractor?

As of 2015, the VIN number on John Deere tractors can be located by standing behind the tractor and looking by the left side of the frame near the wheel. The sticker containing the VIN number reads “Manufactured by John Deere” and contains either a 13-character or 17-character alphanumeric string.

In 13-character numbers, the first two characters indicate where a tractor was manufactured; in 17-character numbers, the first three characters indicate that information. The next four characters designate the tractor’s factory code. For 13-character numbers, the seventh letter represents the tractor’s emissions level. 17-character codes do not have this designation. Finally, the last six characters in the 13-character code and last five characters in a 17-character code represent the tractor’s unique serial number.