What Victoria’s Secret Fragrances Have Been Discontinued?

Joel Kramer/CC-BY 2.0

Victoria’s Secret perfume was first introduced in the late 1980s, and since its inception, 16 original perfumes have been discontinued, according to the official Victoria’s Secret website. There are 44 fragrances still being produced and sold through Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret discontinued perfumes, which are categorized as provocative, romantic or playful, may be found online through sites such as eBay or Fragrancex and may still be available at certain Victoria’s Secret stores depending on when they were discontinued. Body by Victoria was reformulated in 2014 while the 2012 reformulation is no longer being produced.

The discontinued Victoria’s Secret perfumes are:

  1. Victoria
  2. Victoria’s Secret
  3. Wild English Garden Romantic Bouquet
  4. Victoria’s Bouquet
  5. English Harvest Garden
  6. Forget Me Not, Romantic Bouquet
  7. Freesia
  8. Her Majesty’s Rose
  9. Azurine
  10. Breathless
  11. Encounter
  12. Body by Victoria
  13. Basic Instinct
  14. So In Love
  15. Sexy Sparkle Vanilla Gold
  16. Simply Victoria.

Some fragrances, body mists, collections and creams in the product line can be hard-to-find although they are not officially discontinued. Pear Glace and the Forbidden Fantasy collection are examples of scents that are becoming increasingly rare.

Discontinued, hard-to-find and rare authentic Victoria’s Secret perfumes can often be found and purchased online or even expertly matched and recreated, according to scentmatchers, a website that claims to replicate rare perfumes and match a favorite scent.