Why Is Victor Frankenstein a Tragic Hero?

Silver Screen Collection/Moviepix/Getty Images

Victor Frankenstein is a tragic hero because he is a gifted scientist who succumbs to personal flaws like hubris and arrogance, which lead to his undoing. His need to feel powerful and god-like led him to create the monster that eventually caused his downfall.

In literature, the definition of a tragic hero is a person who is noble or comes from a noble background that fails miserably due to his own human frailties, faults, the will of the gods or fate. Frankenstein is the protagonist of Mary Shelley’s fictional novel titled “Frankenstein’ or “The Modern Prometheus.” In this novel, he is a scientist from a wealthy background who is obsessed with the idea of creating life from inanimate matter. After creating the monster, Frankenstein wants to destroy it because it has taken so much from him as revenge. However, Frankenstein is unable to kill his creation and dies after his life is destroyed completely.