How Do You Find Your My Verizon Prepaid Account Number?

An account number for My Verizon Prepaid is always the 10-digit telephone number associated with the account. In some accounts, this number may be followed by a dash and the number “00001.”

A 10-digit telephone number consists of the area code plus the seven-digit telephone number. It does not use parentheses or dashes to separate the different parts of the telephone number. The only non-numeric character included in a Verizon prepaid account number is a single dash in account numbers that end in “00001.”

All Verizon accounts have a four-digit security code in addition to an account number. The default security code for Verizon prepaid accounts is the last four digits of the telephone number. Verizon prompts customers to change this for security reasons. In cases where a security code is lost or forgotten, it can be changed or reset to default through the My Verizon Mobile app.

Both the account number and the security code are required to port a Verizon prepaid telephone number to another carrier. Without them, the new wireless carrier cannot retrieve the number from Verizon. Terminating prepaid service before porting also makes the telephone number unavailable; the customer must initiate the port prior to ending service with Verizon.