What Is a Vehicle Release Form?

A vehicle release form is a formal requisition letter requesting the release of a vehicle from impoundment. It is mandatory to correctly fill out the vehicle release form and have it authorized by the police department to obtain the release of an impounded vehicle. State laws governing the impoundment and release of vehicles vary, so one must look up a specific state’s laws for the most accurate information on vehicle releases.

In general, one must obtain a vehicle release form from the concerned police department in order to have his vehicle released from the tow company. Proof of ownership, proof of valid insurance on the vehicle and proof of driving privileges of the person operating the vehicle in the future must be presented to obtain a vehicle release form. Upon meeting all conditions and paying an administrative fee, the police department issues the vehicle release form, which must be taken to the tow company to have the vehicle released. Towing and storage fees, which are separate from the police department administrative fee, must be paid in order to have the vehicle released from the tow company.

A general vehicle release form includes information about the vehicle and owner, along with a declaration from the owner. It must accompany valid documents of proof as mentioned above for it to be notarized.