Where Is the Vehicle Registration Number Located?

The vehicle registration number is located on the driver’s side dashboard and possibly on a sticker inside the side door on the driver’s side. A VIN is a vehicle identification number that is composed of 17 alphanumeric pieces.

Each VIN is completely unique. VINs are used for identification when a person needs to be able to identify a particular vehicle. Sometimes the VIN can also be found on a vehicle title or a person’s vehicle insurance card. The VIN number has been used since 1957, however, it was not until 1981 that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration created standards for the formatting of the VIN.

The VIN is also able to be used as a checking point to ensure that a vehicle has not been stolen. There are online sites (free to the public) that allow a person to type in a VIN number and see whether or not the vehicle has been reported as stolen. If a vehicle has been reported as stolen, then a person knows not to buy the vehicle or to use the vehicle and can alert the police.

A VIN is also useful when it comes to repair shops or insurance claims because it can let the repair shops and insurance companies know more about the car. The numbers describe the make and the model of the car as well as the features of the vehicle, where it was built, the assembly plant it was built at and the sequencing of the model production.