How Do You Know What Vehicle Production Number Your Car Is?

Car owners may determine the production number of their vehicles by deciphering the VIN number of the car. The 12th through the 17th numbers of the VIN indicate the production number of the vehicle, letting car owners know where it lies in the sequence of cars exiting the manufacturing process.

Because not all manufacturers use the same process for creating cars, the actual number contained in the last six digits of the VIN may not always have the same meaning. In all cases, the last six digits provide a type of serial number, as no two cars from the same location share the same set of digits. The 11th digit identifies which manufacturing plant created the vehicle, and vehicles from different plants may have the same production number with a different number or letter designation for the plant.

The VIN provides plenty of additional information about the vehicle. The 10th digit or letter represents the model year of the car, and the ninth digit is a check number that confirms whether or not the VIN is valid using a formula created by the Department of Transportation. The fourth through eighth digits of the VIN provide details including the model, body style, engine trim and related information on the vehicle. The first three digits provide the World Manufacturer Identifier for the vehicle, which breaks down into country, manufacturer name, and vehicle type or company division.