What Is a Vaporisateur Natural Spray?

“Vaporisateur” is a French word meaning “spray,” “atomizer,” or “vaporizer,” according to French Linguistics. This means that the perfume comes in the form of a spray as opposed to a cork-style stopper bottle or other dispenser. “Natural” indicates a container utilizing a pump system as opposed to an aerosol.

French phrases are traditionally used in the packaging of fragrances, most particularly the distinctions “eau de parfum,” “eau de toilette” and “eau de Cologne,” explains Hello! Daily News. Eau de parfum is the most concentrated, eau de Cologne is the least and eau de toilette falls in the middle. This distinction is also reflected in the cost of the particular scent, with eau de parfum being the most expensive of the three. These distinctions reflect the concentration of oils used in the fragrance and not necessarily the perceived strength of the scent.

Though eau de parfum is the strongest of these fragrances, it is not as highly concentrated or quite as costly as a scent that is considered a “perfume extract,” or “extrait,” according to Hello! Daily News, Since extraits are more potent, very small amounts are required to achieve the desired effect. This is the reason they’re sold in such comparatively small containers.