Is Vanilla Healthier Than Chocolate?

While both vanilla and chocolate have health benefits when used in moderation, the better choice for an individual depends upon many factors, including the health conditions and age of the person consuming the food. Vanilla allows cooks to reduce the sugar in baked goods. Dark chocolate improves circulatory system health.

Substituting in vanilla to reduce the sugar used in a product is beneficial for diabetics, individuals attempting to lose or maintain their current weight and individuals seeking to prevent tooth decay. The chemicals in vanilla are high in fragrance and flavor, but how these chemicals work as medications is unknown. Still, people use vanilla to treat intestinal gas and fever.

Dark chocolate helps to lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol levels, improve heart health and increase blood flow to the brain. Dark chocolate contains a high percentage of flavonoids, a health-promoting chemical. One ounce of 70-percent cocoa dark chocolate adds 150 calories to the diet; however, a full-sized chocolate bar provides 570 calories.