What Is the Value of a Xavier Quartz Diamond Watch?

The price of a Xavier Quartz diamond watch varies by finish, quality, number of diamonds and other factors. Xavier Quartz diamond watches can be purchased from USA Link and other stores for about $130. They can also be bought for as low as $16 on Shop Goodwill, eBay and other Internet auction sites. However, availability of the watch on auction websites is generally unpredictable.

The first timepiece to utilize a quartz crystal was a clock built by J.W. Horton and Warren Marrison at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1927. The technology that made it possible to manufacture quartz watches only became available in the 1980s. Quartz can be found at the heart of virtually all modern timekeeping devices.

Quartz watches have several advantages over the mechanical timepieces they replaced. First, they do not need constant rewinding. The earliest mechanical watches had to be wound at least twice a day. Second, they are far more accurate. Older mechanical watches were particularly notorious for losing time. Third, they are more rugged. Mechanical watches are more easily damaged, which makes them unsuitable for some environments. Fourth, quartz watches are far cheaper because they are easy to produce in large quantities. Fifth, the operations of a quartz watch are not unaffected by the state of the weather, which can be a problem with some mechanical watches.