How Do You Value a Vintage S&H Green Stamp Collection?

Only the older, rarer, non-licked S&H Green Stamps and non-filled stamp books are of value to collectors. These items can be viewed and compared on S&H green stamps can be redeemed online at for electronic gift cards that can be used at hundreds of businesses including Sephora, REI, Bath & Body Works, Barnes & Noble, and Papa John’s Pizza. Stamps can be redeemed for an equal number of Greenpoints.

The Sperry & Hutchinson Company, formerly known as S&H Greenpoints, provides loyalty reward solutions and services for American retail companies, especially grocery stores, pharmacies, gaming stores and wholesale providers. The products and services that S&H offers include Greenpoints, a loyalty-building currency program; reward program and in-lane messaging systems; strategy consulting, including marketing planning; and customer relations advising.

Supermarkets, gas stations and other stores bought the stamps from S&H and provided them as bonuses to shoppers based on how much the customer spent. The stamps, which were issued in denominations of one, 10 and 50, were mounted in stamp books that S&H provided for free. These books contained 24 pages and each page held 50 points. Customers exchanged filled books for premium prizes at the local Green Stamps store or ordered from the S&H catalog.

The program was extremely popular through the late 1960s, but the program slowed during the 1970s. Sperry and Hutchinson was eventually sold in 1981. In 1999, a member of the founding Sperry family bought back the company from a holding firm. As of 2015, S&H has attempted to adapt its once-popular program to take advantage of the rise of the Internet by offering “Greenpoints” as rewards for online purchases.