What Is the Value of a Silver Teapot, Creamer and Sugar Set Marked WM Rogers 800?

ZenShui/Isabelle Rozenbaum/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images

Some William Rogers tea pots are placed for sale on Internet auction websites for a little as $5. Complete tea sets are priced a bit higher. As of 2014, online auction listings for a William Rogers 800 series Silver Tea Set range from $24.99 to $1168.

Determining the value of any antique or collectible piece requires knowledge of when the piece was made, who made the piece and what specific materials were used. When it comes to silver antiques, the quality of the silver also impacts its value. According to Collector’s Weekly, there are only two types of silver coffee pots and tea sets. Teapots made of Sheffield silver originated from an English plating technique that fused copper and sterling silver together to create a sturdy silver product. Many years later, manufacturers began using the electroplating process to create tea sets. Electroplating used less silver than was required in creating the Sheffield pieces, and therefore, it was less expensive. This allowed silver teapots and coffee sets to be marketed to the less-affluent middle class. Online appraisals of antique collectibles can be done at a number of websites. Alternatively, local auction houses or antique stores may be able to offer some insight on the value of a particular tea set.