How Do You Find the Value of Red Wing Pottery?

The Red Wing Collectors Society offers a free estimation of the value of Red Wing pottery, typically as a range of values. The actual value of a piece largely depends on factors such as its rarity, condition and a reasonable sales price. The Society encourages Red Wing Pottery owners to contact the organization via email, including a detailed description and pictures of the item.

The Red Wing Collectors Society features experts in three areas of the company’s pottery, as of 2015. Artware, stoneware and dinnerware pottery from many incarnations of the Red Wing Pottery company are handled separately, evaluated by each group of experts. Responses to information requests typically include the range of dates a particular piece was made, its identification, and its rarity and possible values.

Red Wing stoneware, dinnerware and pottery pieces have been produced continuously since the company was founded in 1861 by John Paul, headquartered in Red Wing, Minnesota. The company changed names and configurations several times from its initial formation until 1936, often spinning off product subsidiaries that were reabsorbed into the main company. The penultimate incarnation of the company, Red Wing Dinnerware, produced pieces from 1936 until 1967, when a workers’ strike closed company production and it reformed as a retail outfit. Pottery production began again in 1996.