How Is the Value of a Howard Miller Clock Determined?

The value of a Howard Miller clock is determined by the clock’s age, condition, features and model type. The official Howard Miller website offers a search tool for looking up the suggested retail value for floor clocks according to model numbers. However, because these prices apply to the time when the specific clock model was last manufactured, it is important to go to a reputable appraiser to get the current market value for a clock model, notes

The Howard Miller Company started making high-quality clocks in 1926; as of 2015 it makes chiming, wall, mantel and grandfather clocks. Antique Howard Miller grandfather clocks are highly sought after by collectors. The condition of the clock is vital for determining its value, notes Other factors include the quality of craftsmanship and the different clock elements such as its case, dial and movements.

To find the best value from an appraiser, owners should look through listings on appraiser society websites such as the American Society of Appraisers and the International Association of Appraisers, states Additionally, by subscribing to the website’s Antique Clocks Price Guide, collectors may find approximate current values for specific Howard Miller clock models.

If an owner of a Howard Miller floor clock wants to know the clock’s value at the time it was made, then he can go to and click on the link “Floor Clock Price Look Up” located at the bottom of the web page.