What Is the Value of a Ducks Unlimited Framed Print and Coin?

Marc Romanelli/Blend Images/Getty Images

Ducks Unlimited recommends using InformArtMag.com to determine the current price of a particular Ducks Unlimited print and coin. This website, which requires registration, provides retail price ranges for limited edition prints. Individuals usually don’t get full retail price when reselling their collectible artwork.

Other places to find pricing are among the completed sales on auction site eBay or through an art auctioneer. As of 2014, Ducks Unlimited prints with coin(s) are being offered in the $125 to $250 range. With all collectibles, the price a seller gets depends on condition, scarcity and desirability. Framed and signed prints sell for more than unsigned or unframed ones. Some prints are inherently more appealing to a broad audience. Until a specific print is offered for sale, its resale value can only be estimated.