What Is the Value of Antique Tea Cups?

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As of 2014, the value of an antique tea cup varies anywhere from $20 to $600, with well-preserved and rare examples fetching the highest prices. The value of an antique or vintage tea cup depends on the brand and age of the item.

Some of the earliest tea cups date to the 1800s. A number of companies such as Royal Albert, Royal Bayreuth, Paragon, Lusterware, Bell China and others made cups that are still valuable today. Cups on the lower end of the price scale are often the ones that, despite their age, were mass-produced by a well-known manufacturer, were produced by a less well-known manufacturer or were plain. However, cups that have notable features like darker coloring or atypical features begin to increase in value.

Owners should check for identifying marks, usually found on the underside of the cup or saucer, and utilize websites such as Antique Marks for reference.