What Is the Value of Alfred Meakin China?


According to an article in a Press of Atlantic City website, Meakin china dinner plates bearing the Birds of America pattern features floral designs and replications of engravings found in French artist James Audubon’s color-plate folio. Typical selling prices for Meakin china plates of this type range from $8 to $11.

The value of Alfred Meakin china depends on a number of variables. The particular item, the design and when it was manufactured all factor into determining the value of the china. The PBS television program Antiques Roadshow appraised a set of Alfred Meakin china plates with the Fair Winds pattern on them. In noticing that the plates had the words dishwasher and detergent safe written on the back of them, the appraiser determined that the plates were manufactured in the fairly recent past. It was estimated that the plates were made in the 1970s, and, consequently, they weren’t determined to be very valuable. Websites such as Marks4Antiques.com and Instappraisals.com may offer more specific information on the value of certain pieces of Meakin china. Most appraisers look at distinguishing marks and the overall condition of the china in order to determine the ultimate value of a vintage piece or antique.