What Are Some Valuable Quarters?

Many U.S. quarters carry a premium over their face value because of their silver content. Among them are Washington quarters minted before 1964. Other valuable quarters include older quarters, such as the Barber quarter, minted between 1892 and 1916, and the Standing Liberty quarter, produced between 1916 and 1930. A valuable recent quarter is the special Bicentennial quarter minted from 40 percent silver.

Recent quarters that are currently in circulation, such as those found in a change jar, likely have no value over their face value. Newer quarters must be either uncirculated and in perfect, or “mint,” condition or extremely rare to be valuable. Rare newer quarters usually carry some sort of error, such as double-die marks. For example, a 2004 Wisconsin state Denver-minted quarter containing an extra leaf on the obverse can fetch up to $40, according to About.com. The 2004 Wisconsin quarter is the only one in the complete series of state quarters to have a significant variation, making it more valuable to collectors. Because of their age, rarity and demand, Barber quarters, even in the form of circulated, worn specimens, can be worth $15 to $25. The rare Barber 1901 quarter, minted in San Francisco, is valued at $49,000 in 2014, according to CoinTrackers.com. Other valuable quarters include the 1932-D, or Denver-minted, at about $20,000, and the 1932-S, or San Francisco-minted, at about $6,200.