What Are Some of the Most Valuable Elvis Presley Collectibles?

Some of the most valuable Elvis Presley collectibles include a Hamilton watch with a 14-karat gold frame, a white collar shirt worn by Presley, his gold leaf piano and an empty prescription pill bottle. Hard Rock International purchased Presley’s gold leaf piano for its priceless music memorabilia collection.

The “Good Luck Charm” record released in 1962 on 7-inch vinyl with an album speed of 33 seconds is considered Elvis Presley’s most valuable record, according to John Marshall of Money Music. In mint condition and with the picture sleeve, the record is worth an estimated $20,000. As of 2015, Elvis’ Christmas album released in 1957 on red vinyl is his second most valuable record, worth an estimated $18,000 in mint condition.

Elvis’ apparel and accessories are also among his most valuable collectible items. For example, a pair of his brown leather boots sold for $4,000, and one of his guitar picks sold for $750.

Most of the Elvis Presley memorabilia that was mass-produced during his lifetime – such as records, trading cards and statues – are not worth much. Rare items, such as his clothing, are worth a considerable amount, but these items are typically owned or sold by associates and family members of Elvis.