What Are the Most Valuable Cherished Teddies?

The values of all antiques and collectibles, including Cherished Teddies, fluctuate depending on demand and economic trends. At any time, a specific figurine may be bought or sold at a price that differs from the accepted market value. Imprinted registration and model numbers can be used to confirm the identities of individual pieces offered by Internet vendors.

Cherished Teddies creator, Priscilla Hillmann, began as a self-taught artist who spent hours sketching her twin sister at the kitchen table while their mother baked. After majoring in Botany at the University of Rhode Island, marrying her college sweetheart and giving birth to a son, Hillmann emerged as a popular children’s book illustrator. Her Cherished Teddies drawings began in 1980 while she was bedridden with a serious back problem. Hillman then partnered with the Ensco Corporation. In 1992 the Cherished Teddy collection made its debut.

Her work rose quickly to the top of the collecting world. She has received numerous honors for her figurines featuring teddy bears, calico kittens, bunnies and mice. Priscilla’s son, Glenn Hillmann, began collaborating with his mother in 2000 after graduating from Vassar College. Together, the pair have presented over 2,200 Cherished Teddy designs to their avid fans around the world.