How Valuable Is Bavaria Fine China?

The value of Bavarian fine china is determined by the condition of the china, the rarity, discontinued status and the region. For example, identical discontinued dinner plates, Chateau Dresden by Schumann/Bavaria, can be purchased on various websites: on Etsy for $49, on eBay for $89 and $187 and on Replacements Ltd for $109 and $189.

Bavarian Flower Border flat cup and saucer sets, part of the fine china dinnerware set, are not collectibles or antiques. They have not been discontinued and are readily available at Sears for $23.99.

Research indicates that the discontinued Bavarian china designed by Schumann and Johann Haviland is quite valuable if it is in excellent condition and free from chips or scratches. Some of the Schumann and Haviland china is more than 100 years old. A four place setting of Haviland, a starter set, can be found for a discounted price of $495 on eBay. An eight place setting of the Blue Garland may cost $1350. In addition to the dinnerware, specialty china like the Blue Garland teapot may be valued at $103.

Another indicator of the value is the back stamp. Each piece of china is stamped to indicate the factory that produced it. In addition to indicating where the china was made, the back stamp often signifies the time period in which the china was manufactured. Antique and collectible back stamps were generally imperfect, hand-made scratched signatures.