How Do You Find the Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop Nearest You?

The Better Business Bureau is a good place to find accredited vacuum cleaner repair shops near you. The BBB offers information about each company and certifies that the company has paid for BBB endorsement.

Vacuum cleaner dealers may have repair shops on-site as well. Contact your vacuum cleaner’s manufacturer directly, or search online to see where repair shops for your specific vacuum cleaner are located.

In addition, Sears offers vacuum repair services. Contact the Sears nearest you to make sure your local Sears offers that service. Other local appliance dealers may also have a repair shop on-site or have a recommendation for a good local repair shop.

Finally, local standalone vacuum cleaner repair shops may be available. These are more challenging to find, since they are not directly connected with a retailer. However, standalone repair shops may be connected to other repair services, such as sewing machine repairs. The best way to find locally owned shops is to use your local telephone book or search the yellow pages on the Internet. A search through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo may not return local results for several pages, and many small shops do not have a Web presence.