What Are VA Benefits for Widows?

Widows and other surviving spouses of American veterans may qualify for VA benefits that include the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, Survivor’s Pension and home loan assistance. Private lenders provide home loan offerings to survivors, and the VA may guarantee a portion of those loans to help survivors meet eligibility requirements.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation offers a tax-free monetary award to survivors whose spouses died during service or those who died from an injury or illness related to their time in service. This is a one-time monetary benefit and often requires help from a Military Casualty Assistance Officer for proper filing. The Survivor’s Pension benefit is a similar monetary award available for those whose spouse did not die in the line of duty. Along with purchase loans, home loan benefits also include access for qualifying survivors to interest rate reduction refinance loans, adapted housing grants and property tax reductions.

Many of these benefits are only available to surviving spouses, of either gender, who have not remarried at the time of the award and meet income requirements set by Congress. Forms for application are available through the official Veteran’s Affairs website or by visiting a regional VA office. Accredited representatives or agents approved by the VA can also assist with obtaining and filing the necessary paperwork and supporting documents.