How Do You Utilize a Seiki Remote Control Code?

Firstly, switch on the Seiki television. Then, press and hold the program button on the remote control. Press down and then release the device button.

The device button that is selected starts flashing. Check the code list on the manual or online for the specific SEIKI digital high definition Television remote control that is associated with the cable or satellite provider.

The DIRECT TV code is 10178, the Time Warner Cable code is 0178, and the Comcast code is 11864 or 10178. Similarly, each of the cable or satellite providers has a different remote control code.

Enter the code and then release the code search button. Test whether the device operates under the control of the remote control by pressing down any button on the remote. If the device responds to the change on the remote control, no further programming is required. In case the device still does not respond, reprogram the device with another code, if available, from the list for the specific device.

Prior to programming the universal cable or satellite remote control to operate the Seiko digital high definition television using the remote control codes, refer to the instructions detailed in the user manual supplied by the satellite or cable provider for any other specific details.